Sherwood Bandsaw Blade Deluxe Bearing Guide Set

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    Sherwood Bandsaw Blade Deluxe Bearing Guide Set BR-06

    An incredible universal upgrade for bandsaw blade guides

    This blade guide set will dramatically improve the performance of your universal bandsaw. Designed to fit onto a 22mm blade guide post, it should adapt to fit most universal bandsaws on the market today.

    Why a Deluxe Blade Guide Set?

    These blade guides have an all-bearing construction with micro adjustments on all three bearings (of each guide) so that finite adjustment can achieve the perfect set-up for each blade thickness.


    • Top and bottom blade guide set.
    • All bearing construction
    • Extremely durable construction materials
    • Micro-adjustable for perfect placement against the blade

    Which blade guide should I choose?

    This blade guide set replaces the standard block guides completely and offers a significant quality upgrade over the traditional standard design. The benefit of the bearings is that they do not wear down over time and provide reduced friction and heat build-up on the blade prolonging its life.

    If you're buying a brand new bandsaw, you'll see below in the related products that we also stock ceramic guide blocks, which use a heat-absorbing material that was originally designed by NASA.

    The top and bottom guides in this Deluxe set are micro-adjustable for perfect placement against the blade and are produced from heavy-duty industrial aluminium casting so should last the lifetime of the machine.

    The top guide is designed to fit with 22mm posts and can be shimmed to suit smaller posts.

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