Sherwood 2HP Cyclone Dust Extractor Two-Stage Dust Collection 600CFM

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    Sherwood 2HP Cyclone Dust Extractor Two-Stage Dust Collection 600CFM SCDC-1800-H

    Time to get serious about dust extraction

    Getting a cyclone dust extractor is the professional solution of those looking to take their dust extraction to the next level. It is an investment in your time and the hope to avoid frustration. No one likes changing the bags on a dust extractor. Getting the clips and the straps to all work and then having to clean up as you inevitably rip the bad on the way to the bin and where you lose half the dust on the group. Well by fitting a cyclone in-line with the dust extraction, the cyclone removes the bulk of the debris and dust and dumps it into an easy to change drum before the dust hits the filter and waste bag. This means less changes of expensive cartridge filters and less changes of the waste bag. Because much of the dust is removed from the air before it hits the 1 micron filter meaning that the filter lasts longer and is able to keep the air quality of your workshop cleaner for much longer. As filters clog, extractor efficiency drops off, because cyclones keep your filter cleaner for longer, you efficiency remains higher for longer.

    The whole unit is mounted on casters allowing it to be moved to where it is needed as well as the dust drum which is also on casters for quick and easy removal and emptying. This means you can have one unit for your entire workshop. 

    At 600CFM (cubic feet per minute) the 1500W (2HP) motor provides exceptional suction whilst being able to be run on a standard 10A house plug. This unit has more than enough power to handle 2 machines at once through its two 100mm intakes or 125mm single intake. Unlike single stage dust extractors, these are high static pressure/low volume. This means though the CFM is lower than a single stage machine, this unit provides more than enough dust collection to handle multiple machines simultaneously.

    This unit is perfect for a small to medium garage workshop or small professional workshop.

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    All the benefits of a single stage dust extractor with the add capabilities of cyclone separation. 

    600 CFM of suction

    Suitable for small sized trade workshops

    2x 100ml inlets or 1x 125mm inlet

    1 micron cartridge filter for optimal air quality


    Intakes 2x 100mm or 1x 125mm
    Size (W x D x H) 1130 x 570 x 1800
    Flow Rate 600CFM HPLV
    Motor Power 1500w (2HP)
    Filter 1 Micron


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    RRP: $1,399.00

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