Sherwood 14in Heavy Duty Bandsaw

  • Sherwood 14in Heavy Duty Bandsaw SBSHD-350

    Sherwood Heavy Duty (HD) Bandsaws are precisely engineered, high-performance bandsaws suitable for all types of wood and composite sawing applications. They are the perfect bandsaw for the serious enthusiast and professional woodworker alike.

    The bandsaw is the most versatile sawing machine in your workshop. They are compact and suitable for a broad range of applications, including curve cutting, detail sawing, straight and deep ripping. Bandsaws are of a simple design meaning they are easy to set up and maintain and do not require specialised servicing.

    Bandsaws are useful for woodworkers of all skill levels. Once you have learned how to tune your bandsaw you can saw almost anything effortlessly. No workshop, whether enthusiast or professional, should be without a bandsaw.

    The Sherwood 14in HD Bandsaw

    14-inch bandsaws really are the go-to machine for most woodworkers. They offer all the features of even larger bandsaws yet remain conveniently compact and affordable. The Sherwood 14in HD is the perfect bandsaw for enthusiasts and professionals making a broad range of wooden projects. The 14in HD also allows you to complete deep ripping tasks such as veneer making and cutting down blocks for woodturning. If you need a compact, versatile, and powerful precision-built bandsaw, then check out the Sherwood 14in HD.

    The most versatile sawing machine

    Get creative. The application of your Sherwood 14in HD bandsaw is only limited by your imagination. Use it to cut curves, saw out joints, make straight rip cuts, slice veneers and break down blocks. No other sawing machine is as versatile as a bandsaw.

    All the features

    The Sherwood 14in HD Bandsaw is packed with features. Apart from the ceramic guide blocks, cast iron flywheels, sturdy rip fence and blade tension quick release, the Sherwood 14in HD features a cast worktable with twin mitre slots, safety foot brake and dual dust ports. Everything you need for accurate and dustless sawing.

    Compact footprint

    Big, but not too big. If you are working in a tiny workshop, or you are always on the move, the Sherwood 14in HD Bandsaw is a perfect machine for you. The Sherwood 14in HD is unique because it provides you with all the key features found in larger machines, giving you broad versatility all contained within a compact and easily moveable bandsaw when mounted to a suitable mobile base.

    Performance and balance

    The Sherwood 14in HD is a performance bandsaw. The 1500W motor provides all the power you need to complete a huge range of bandsawing tasks and is perfectly balanced to the build of the Sherwood 14in HD. This results in balanced and effective performance, free of vibration.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other bandsaw in its class is more supported than the Sherwood 14in HD.

    Ceramic blade guides

    Ceramic, heat-absorbing guide blocks are the new standard in bandsaw blade guides. They support the blade across its entire width allowing for more accurate cuts. Ceramic blade guides are durable, easy to set up and do not seize like many traditional blade guide setups. Just tune your bandsaw and go.

    Performance and power

    For any machine to perform, the size of the motor must match the size of the machine. The amount of power generated by the Sherwood 1500W motor is perfectly balanced to the build of the Sherwood 14in HD. This results in balanced and effective performance, free of vibration. For you, this means your bandsaw can complete a huge range of sawing tasks efficiently and accurately.

    Deep cut

    Your Sherwood 14in HD offers a full 335mm depth of cut. Matched with the powerful 1500W motor, you can now complete deep rips and block work effortlessly.

    Cast iron wheels

    Cast wheels are heavier. And if the wheels are heavier, you will have more inertia. This is great when handling peak loads on the blade. In other words, the heavier wheels will help get you through the toughest of cuts.

    Sturdy rip fence

    Want to rip? No worries, the Sherwood 14in HD features a sturdy rip fence as standard. This fence features two T track slots and a quick-lock handle. The fence is also easily removed and stored to make full use of the whole worktable.

    Cast worktable with twin mitre slots

    Your cast iron worktable reduces vibration and allows you to use magnetic accessories. The twin mitre slots are a full size at 19 x 9.5mm. Perfect for using a mitre side, a cross-cut sled or installing feather boards and other accessories.

    Blade tensioning and quick release

    The blade tensioning mechanism also doubles as a quick release. Great for speeding up the process of changing out your blades. Also great for quickly flipping off the tension when heading home for the day.

    Twin dust ports

    The Sherwood 14in HD features two 102mm dust ports. One is located at the base of the machine, the other just below the worktable and lower blade guides. This keeps both the guts of your bandsaw and the floor of your workshop dust free.

    Safety foot brake

    The Sherwood 14in HD features a super convenient safety foot brake. Simply compress and the foot brake not only brings the machine to a dead stop - it also kills the motor instantly. Great if you get into trouble or if you need to answer the phone.

    Durable build

    All the components, knobs and fittings are built tough. This ensures your bandsaw won’t fall apart with time. Backed with your 5-year warranty, you are set for a long relationship with the Sherwood 14in HD.

    100% built in Taiwan

    Your Sherwood 14in HD bandsaw is 100% built in Taiwan. Machinery built in Taiwan is of the highest standard and the go-to choice for premium woodworking brands around the world.



    Model SKU


    Country of origin



    5 years limited


    1500W 15A

    Note - this machine has a 15A plug

    Blade Speed

    520 - 820 metres / minute


    Foot brake

    Maximum power


    Blades guides

    Ceramic / Rear Bearing

    Fly wheels

    350mm / Cast iron

    Blade length


    Blade widths

    6 – 27mm

    Blade release

    Fine tune with quick release

    Depth of cut at 90°


    Throat (width of cut)


    Worktable size

    510 x 405mm

    Rip fence

    Two T tracks and quick-lock handle

    Table height


    Table tilt (degrees)

    0 - 45 

    Mitre guide slots x 2

    19 x 9.5 mm

    Dust outlets

    2 x 102mm (4in)

    Workshop footprint (mm)

    730 x 520 x 1800

    Shipping dimensions (mm)

    840 x 650 x 1950

    Assembled/shipping weights

    105 / 138kg

    $3,099.00 (inc GST)

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