Pony Jorgensen Work-Protecting Clamp Pads - Pipe Clamps

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    Pony Jorgensen Work-Protecting Clamp Pads - Pipe Clamps PJ-7456

    Bar Clamp Pads slip onto the clamp fixtures and steel bar clamps to protect finished wood and are adjustable for clamp faces up to 1-3/4" wide. These soft, durable, plastic pads provide a resilient, protective cushion when clamping wood, metal and plastic surfaces.

    • Nonmaring, non-stick, non-slip pads eliminate “blocks” and can be adjusted and removed quickly, if desired.
    • Recommended for use with PONY Style #50 and #52 Clamp Fixtures, JORGENSEN E-Z HOLD II Style No. 3400 Series Steel Bar Clamps and all JORGENSEN fixed-head design bar clamps (with minor trimming, if desired).

    Pony Jorgensen provides Craftspeople, Makers and DIYers with clamps that are not only well made and durable – they are also designed to be versatile and easy to use. Embrace your creativity and choose Pony Jorgensen.

    $10.90 (inc GST)

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