Pony Jorgensen Low-Angle Block Plane

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    Pony Jorgensen Low-Angle Block Plane PJ-70710

    A good block plane is an essential tool in every woodworker’s kit. Kept close at hand, it is the go-to trimming tool with a thousand uses. Pony Jorgensen’s Low-Angle Block Plane is the perfect option for enthusiasts who need an economical, accurate tool with all the features.

    The Pony Jorgensen Low Angle Block Plane

    Pony Jorgensen’s take on the classic Stanley 60 ½, this plane is a little lighter and smaller in the hand than equivalents from other brands, making it a brilliant option for those of us with smaller hands. The simple design makes it easy to disassemble for maintenance and reassemble for work. The adjustment knobs and wheels are accessible and feature a very smooth action with no backlash. The blade’s depth of cut is adjusted by simply turning the depth and lateral adjustment wheel, while sliding the adjustment wheel side to side will skew the blade left or right.

    Quality Materials

    The O1 steel blade is set bevel-up in the milled plane bed at 12 degrees, providing you with a very low angle of attack. The blade is 3mm thick reducing vibration in the cut, ensuring a smooth, uniform finish. The plane’s body is made from stress-relieved ductile iron, delivering superior shock resistance making it easy to flatten the sole if that should ever be necessary.

    Adjustable mouth

    The plane mouth is fully adjustable suit the work at hand. Close the mouth up tight to minimise tear out when working difficult figured materials. Open wide to when working more predictable materials and make shavings fast without clogging.

    Ready To Go

    The Pony Jorgensen Block Plane is ready to use right out of the box – only minimum honing is required. Spend more time woodworking and less time fussing with your tools!

    Sole Dimensions

    160 x 44.5mm

    Blade Bevel

    25 degrees

    Plane Bed Angle

    12 degrees

    Plane Body

    Ductile Iron

    Plane Blade Steel




    $89.90 (inc GST)

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