Pony Jorgensen Cast-Iron Press Screw

  • Pony Jorgensen Cast-Iron Press Screw

    Pony Jorgensen heavy‑duty press screws are ideal for making veneering frames and are especially useful for deep‑reach surface clamping. The large, removable cast‑iron swivels make installation a breeze, and the threaded bushings fit easily into a one‑inch hole. 17.5mm diameter, cold‑drawn steel screws with special, smoothly cut acme threads provide a tight hold.

    • For use as a panel clamp for custom jigs for all types of gluing, veneering, welding and other assembly operations
    • Screw diameter 17.5mm
    • Swivel face size 35mm x 41mm
    • Large, cast-iron swivels permit easy installation, while threaded bushings drive into a 25mm hole
    • Designed with acme thread

    Pony Jorgensen provides Craftspeople, Makers and DIYers with clamps that are not only well made and durable – they are also designed to be versatile and easy to use. Embrace your creativity and choose Pony Jorgensen.

    Product # Length In Length mm Screw Diameter Swivel Face Size
    #6709 9" 228mm 17.5mm 35mm x 41mm
    #6712 12" 300mm 17.5mm 35mm x 41mm
    230mm Each
    $32.90 (inc GST)
    305mm Each
    $35.90 (inc GST)

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