The Best in Table Top Routers


If you are someone who uses a router regularly, it’s wise to invest in a table top. A table makes the job easier, safer and more accurate. With a router table, it won’t take you long to master working with long, narrow or small stock, edge trimming, grooves, dadoes, slots, dovetail and box joinery. The projects are endless.

Choosing your Table Top Router

A table top router should last many years, so it’s important you choose a good quality table offering accuracy and stability. Timbecon did plenty of research before deciding which brands to stock. We looked at each model and checked to see if the tables were:

  1. Good design - the table needs to be able to handle large workpieces and be comfortable for the average person to use.
  2. Sturdy - the table needs to be strong and able to withstand years of use before showing signs of wear and tear.
  3. Precision - if the table doesn’t offer perfect accuracy every time it didn’t make the cut.

Below we’ve listed a few of the table top routers and accessories we stock.

Sherwood Router Table Kit - 800 x 600mm MDF/Phenolic

Not everyone is looking for a heavy cast-iron table top router. Made from 32mm-thick HMR (High Moisture Resistant) and 2mm black PVC edge banding, you can expect a long life from your table if it is kept in a workshop that is not exposed to humidity long-term. The stand is a heavy-duty L-angle steel powder-coated in black with plenty of bracing. Also included with the stand is the remote switch and mitre guide.The kit comes with a 27in long Super-Flat Fence and an aluminium mounting plate.

This table top, as a well as smaller size are also available for purchase separately.





Sherwood Cast Iron Industrial Benchtop Router Table with Plunge Router Lift

If it’s cast-iron you want, then you will find plenty in this Sherwood benchtop router table. The table is cast then precision CNC-machined multiple times, so it’s dead flat and also has stress-relieving and strengthening ribs on the underside of the table for maximum strength. This particular kit includes the plunge router lift





Sherwood Cast-Iron Industrial Router Table

If you are looking for the Rolls Royce in router tables, look no further. This Sherwood kit has had every component and accessory bolted on including a lift, dust collection box, Super Flat Fence, two horizontal and two vertical featherboards and a fence flip stop.


There are a few accessories to consider when you are buying a table top router.

Router Table Dust Collection Box

Keep your workshop clean and healthy with a dust collection box that picks up around 98% of all dust because the collection point is right next to the bit and underneath the table. This dust collection box has been designed to mount to the underside of the Baladonia MDF table or the bottom of your home-made table top.

Table Switchbox

If you are building a table rather than buying one then a remote switch is a must. This one can be mounted on an MDF Top Router Table. Rated up to 10 amps.

Mitre Guide

The solid mitre guide that comes with all Sherwood deluxe router tables is now available to buy separately. The mitre bar is the standard-size 3/4 x 3/8in (19 x 9.5mm) and has a good quality protractor.



Torquata Small Workpiece Router Jig

If you are doing a lot of routing on small pieces or ends, then it makes sense to invest your safety and get a handy jig like this one. Two comfortable handles give you complete control over your workpiece and the handy height adjustment levers keep thinner stock held firmly in the jig.


Sherwood CNC-Machined Aluminium Router Table Fence

All aluminium components on this Sherwood fence are extruded from aircraft-grade aluminium and then CNC-milled to length with appropriate holes machined at the same time. Rather than attaching the fence directly to your table - each Super-Flat Fence comes with a mounting bracket set that can be configured to either attach to the bottom or the side of the table.

If you have any queries about finding the best table top router for your requirements, don’t hesitate to call 1300 880 996, visit our stores in Perth and Melbourne or email us.  

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