MSC Pro Automated System Controller

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    MSC Pro Automated System Controller

    The iVAC Automated Dust Extraction MSC Pro System Controller

    The iVAC Pro Switch is at the heart of the iVAC automated dust control system. It automatically turns on your dust collector when you turn on a tool that is connected to the iVAC system via either the iVAC Pro Tool Plus automatic sensor or the iVac Remote.

    How the system works

    Each iVAC Pro Switch can accept signals from up to 8 different Tool Plusses to form a system – more than enough for a typical workshop. If you are in a larger, multi-user workshop, the iVac Pro Switch can be programmed to work on four different radio frequency bands - allowing you to set up to 32 different different work stations. 

    Tools can be stationary, such as a cabinet saw, thicknesser and bandsaw, or hand held, such as routers and circular saws. In fact any tool that has a power cord can interact with the iVAC system.

    The advantage of the MSC Controller

    The iVac Pro MSC (Magnetic Switch Controller) has been specifically designed to work with NVR (No Volt Release) switches that are typically standard on home workshop dust extractors and are required in larger commercial or teaching workshops in Australia.

    Most single-phase dust extractors have mechanical (KJD12-style) switches rather than fully magnetic NVR switches. The MSC Pro works by controlling a fully-magnetic NVR switch and for this reason, we have developed a kit where you can purchase the MSC Pro that our in-house technician has pre-wired with a magnetic NVR switch. The existing NVR switch in the dust extractors is bypassed and replaced in the circuit with the magnetic NVR switch supplied. This still provides you with full NVR switch protection and allows the MSC Pro to operate.

    Most three-phase dust extractors already have a magnetic NVR switch controlling the power to the unit and therefore the MSC Pro can be purchased separately and wired into the existing magnetic NVR Switch.

    The MSC Pro then controls the power flow within the NVR switch to operate the dust extractor. In the event of system power loss, the NVR switch and MSC Pro will need to be reset, which means you still have the full safety of an NVR switch built into the system.

    Simply programmed to make dust extraction easy!

    The MSC Pro can be programmed for a minimum run time or to switch off after a set period of time once a power tool has been turned off. This will ensure that the dust extractor is not being switched on and off in a way that could damage the expensive induction motors found in dust extractors as well as being able to clear out the dust lines once operations have been completed.

    While there are simple remote switching mechanisms that can be purchased to control your dust extractor remotely, iVac is the only fully automated dust control system that allows for quick, easy installation and operation of a complete dust extraction system in any size workshop - that can also be retrofitted to existing systems. Plus with the added flexibility of being able to redesign and adjust the system to suit your needs without the requirement of a technician to complete this work for you. 

    Once you setup the system, you can forget about how your dust system is working and get on with the important task of getting to work - in a cleaner and safer environment.



    Having Trouble with designing your iVAC solution?

    We at Timbecon pride ourselves with the high level of customer service. Should you need any help with iVac products. Please contact us and let us assist.

    MSC Pro & Magnetic NVR Switch Combo (Pre-Wired)
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    MSC Pro Only
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    Magnetic NVR Switch Only
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    MSC Pro & Magnetic NVR Switch Combo & Remote
    $429.90 (inc GST)

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