MPOWER Synthetic Lapping Fluid

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    MPOWER Synthetic Lapping Fluid

    Do you want to lubricate and protect your diamond sharpening stone? Need a general-purpose lubricant for your workshop? Then check out this MPOWER Synthetic Lapping Fluid. Perfect for anyone wanting to lubricate and maintain their diamond sharpening stones and other workshop equipment.

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    MPOWER have created a fully synthetic lapping fluid. And unlike regular diamond lapping fluids, it is completely free of nitrates, mineral oils and other nasty chemicals. This is good news for you and your stones. And MPOWER lapping fluid is not limited to just sharpening, it is the perfect general lubricant for all types of jobs around your workshop.

    Your workshop needs lube!

    MPOWERS fully synthetic lapping fluid can used on any diamond stone. It lubricates the surfaces during sharpening. It suspends swarf/debris particulates preventing the diamond surface from clogging. And protects your tools from rusting after the sharpening process. MPOWER lapping fluid is also a great general workshop lubricant. Use to lubricate drilling and milling processes, clean tools and use as a rust inhibitor.

    A toxic problem

    Regular diamond stone lapping fluid works extremely well. The only issue is that they can contain toxic chemicals. The warnings read “You MUST wear gloves and use in a well-ventilated area”. That’s not too much of a problem until you try wearing gloves when sharpening a chisel. Akin to wearing boxing gloves and trying to operate a TV remote - it’s just not practical.

    The Synthetic Solution

    MPOWER’s Diamond Stone Lapping Fluid is, as with all its products – unique. It’s the world’s first fully synthetic lapping fluid with the same characteristics and great performance you’d expect from any MPOWER product.

    How to use

    Its pretty simple. All you need to do is squirt whatever needs lubricating with a couple of pumps from the lapping fluid nozzle. Use a soft cloth to thoroughly coat your tool when using as a rust inhibitor. Avoid exposure to your eyes and prolonged exposure to hands so wash your hands after use.

    Who is MPOWER?

    The origins of MPOWER Tools lie in a woodshop, in a derelict barn, in the West Country of England. 25 years later MPOWER continues to design, develop and manufacture innovative tools, exporting to more than 16 countries Worldwide.



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    MP-20145 Lapping Fluid 100ml

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    Amine carboxylate mixture




    Reusable aluminium pump pack

    Lapping Fluid 100ml
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    Lapping Fluid 250ml
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