Luban Wheel Marking Gauge

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    Luban Wheel Marking Gauge

    Turned from solid brass with a hardwood infill, this is one damn beautiful and superbly accurate marking gauge with around twice the weight of comparable tools giving it real heft to tackle marking jobs with relative ease.

    The 182mm long stainless steel bar with accurate etched graduations makes what engineers would describe as a 'close sliding fit' within the body of the gauge.

    The fence is recessed, allowing the cutter to be withdrawn safely inside the head and it also has a very discrete micro adjustment mechanism. Loosen the collar on the end furthest from the fence by rotating it clockwise (left hand thread) and hold it in place with your thumb. The head can then be rotated, 1 turn = 1/16" (or 1.5mm), to align the fence with the graduations. Lock the head in place and spin the collar up out of the way.

    The 12mm circular blade is designed not to rotate as the tool is drawn through the cut, the amount of play required for the wheel to turn would diminish the accuracy of the mark by a similar amount.


    Wheel Marking Gauge
    $69.90 (inc GST)
    Replacement Wheel Cutter
    $5.90 (inc GST)

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