Incra CleanSweep Router Dust Collection Box

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    Incra CleanSweep Router Dust Collection Box

    Incra CleanSweep Downdraft Dust Collection Cabinet

    Improved dust collection for all of your router table work! Is there anything Incra can't do? Keeps your shop cleaner by collecting sawdust at the source using your 4" dust collector! This must-have accessory is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of your router table time! 

    The CleanSweep cabinet attaches to the underside of laminated MDF or phenolic router tables from Incra or many other brands. The vacuum generated inside the cabinet by your 4" dust collection hose pulls chips and fine dust downward past the router bit, keeping the table surface and your surrounding shop cleaner than you'd ever imagined. 

    Unlike a dust port mounted on the fence, the CleanSweep cabinet works for every cut and not just when the fence is covering the router bit, giving you excellent collection even when routing grooves, making box joints & dovetails, or shaping curved edges without a fence.


    • Keeps your shop cleaner by collecting sawdust at the source
    • Works for every cutting operation, including routing grooves and cutting box joints & dovetails
    • Installs easily on Incra Router Tables
    • Reduce router noise 
    • Precision-moulded ABS & Steel cabinet assembles quickly and accurately
    • Integrated 4" Steel Blast Gate, 4" Hose Clamp and mounting hardware included
    • Vertically-sliding door saves space, seals tightly and won't slam closed
    Clean Sweep Dust Collection Box
    $279.00 (inc GST)
    Dust Collection Box Adapter Kit
    $59.90 (inc GST)

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