iGaging Engineer's Straight Edges

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    iGaging Engineer's Straight Edges

    Engineering Accuracy From a Steel Straight Edge

    Available in 3 different lengths. Please select your length option from the drop-down menu.

    When you need to setup a machine, mark accurate layouts, do some drafting or checking straightness of your work piece for warping, this precision straight edge is the essential tool. The 5.00mm hardened blades are meticulously ground and lapped for straightness and parallelism. Checked to be accurate to the US standard you can expect te following level of accuracy - 

    Blade Length Flatness Parallelism Squareness
    305mm | 12in Long 0.025mm | 0.001in 0.038mm | 0.0015in 0.076mm | 0.003in
    610mm | 24in Long 0.051mm | 0.002in 0.051mm | 0.002in 0.102mm | 0.004in
    914mm | 36in Long 0.038mm | 0.0015in 0.076mm | 0.003in 0.127mm | 0.005in


    The bevelled knife edge has been shaped to use as an accurate rule with minimal gap between the metric graduations and the work piece. Due to its shape it cannot be certified as a straight edge but is handy nonetheless. 

    It comes with a plastic and a vinyl storage pouch for long-term storage to prevent surface corrosion, with a hanging hole in one end for it to be easily hung up and accessible when used regularly. Ensure that a rust inhibitor of some description is used when left in the open as it has no anti-corrosion properties - we recommend simple camellia oil for this and other woodworking tools to protect against corrosion.

    Please Note: While the photos show these in Imperial. They are only available in Metric.

    305mm | 12in Long
    $54.90 (inc GST)
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    610mm | 24in Long
    $84.90 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
    914mm | 36in Long
    $159.90 (inc GST)

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