Plastic Chuck Gauge

  • Plastic Chuck Gauge TEK-10051

    This versatile and handy tool is exclusive to NOVA. The average woodturner and woodworker uses many different gauges and measuring tools in his/her workshop. This tool combines all the most commonly used gauges into ONE efficient device.

    The workshop buddy will very quickly become a much used device, with over 10 different functions! 

    1. Dovetail Gauge - A fast and easy way to create and check a dovetail recess.Perfect companion for your NOVA chuck.
    2. Centre Finder - Simple and accurate way for finding the centre on your workpiece.
    3. Bowl Chisel Gauge - Handy tool checks  different angles for bowl chisels.
    4. Diameter Gauge - Effortlessly determine the different diameter size in a work piece. Ideal for cutting beads.
    5. Dowel Gauge - Dowelling can turn  dicey when the dowels  don’t measure up! This gauge helps.
    6. Angle Checker - 8 commonly used angles. Checks cutting angles of  chisels, knives,blades,  scissors
    7. Furniture dovetail marking out tool
    8. Ruler scale
    9. Protractor
    10. Faceplate Mark out Tool
    $19.00 (inc GST)

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