Nova Infinity Bowl Jaws #1

  • Nova Infinity Bowl Jaws #1 TEK-8301

    • Designed to hold small bowls & plates with much stronger Infinity Key grip than the single screw fixing of Nova Traditional JS-20-N & JS-25-N Jaws. 
    • External dovetail to grip internal  bowl recess.  Internal dovetail to grip bowl foot. Internal shape also grips round dowels firmly by internal front edge and internal matching round spigot support. Capacity Overlaps #2 Bowl Jaw. 
    • Stronger jaw design, over 12% thicker base, over 16% thicker jaw face than traditional Nova JS-25-N Jaws for maximum stability & rigidity for small work. 
    • Over 30% more external dovetail recess depth compared to traditional Nova JS-25-N Jaws means more useable grip available. 
    • Designed to hold small footed bowls.  The traditional Nova JS-25-N, JS-20-N are not designed to hold footed bowls. 

    Jaw Travel Expanding - 34 - 41mm
    Jaw Travel Contracting - 16 - 23mm

    The Infinity Bowl Jaw Series are for bowl or platter projects and designed to securely grip an internal dovetail or external foot mounting.  The NOVA Infinity Quick Change delivers fast and positive jaw changes which are much faster and less hassle than the screw fastening method with the older NOVA chuck models and other chuck brands.  The NOVA Infinity Jaw Key and Infinity Jaws Slides are a precision cast metal amalgam 3x  the tensile strength of machine grade steel. Jaw Key positively taper cam locks into Jaw slide with an embedded dovetail design. A more rigid bond than the original NOVA Screw on Jaws. The Infinity Jaws are taper cam locked in line with the forward rotation of the chuck. They are safe to use at higher speeds and with larger turning work. The Infinity Jaws are larger, more robust and rigid than the older jaw designs, providing enhanced work holding and turning possibilities. The Infinity Jaws use the well proven NOVA Dovetail Profile, designed to grip the wood firmly for added safety.

    $99.00 (inc GST)

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