Nova Chuck Soft Jaws

  • Nova Chuck Soft Jaws TEK-6021

    NOVA Soft Jaws Set are 4 segments of high quality soft nylon jaws which are able to be cut and customised by the user to their specific requirements. It is designed to allow woodturners make up a special set of jaws for a job and store them away with the jigs and templates for the project. 

    Easy to use - The four segments of quality nylon can be turned to shape using standard tools. They can be turned, sawn, drilled or tapped.
    Markless holding - Being made of nylon, they also hold most woods without marking.
    Vibrant colour - The vibrant NOVA red colour makes it easy to see profiles. By machining the profile after mounting, you can eliminate any errors that may have added up from mounting the jaws to chuck then to the spindle.
    Maximum holding - You can get full diameter holding on your specific work piece as you can turn out to the exact diameter required. 
    Thick jaw body - User can profile any shape they wish limited only by the fastening heads which are embedded 22.5 mm from the face of the jaws. This gives the turner a great deal of flexibility in what they can do.

    • Outer ring diameter when close: 120mm (4.7") 
    • Thickness: 27mm (1") 
    • Weight: 275g (whole set)
    $29.00 (inc GST)

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