Nova Chuck Pen Plus Jaws

  • Nova Chuck Pen Plus Jaws TEK-6034

    The new NOVA Pen ‘Plus’ Jaws easily convert your NOVA chuck into a fast and accurate Pen Blank drilling facility.  The big jaw profile provides a vibration free, solid grip for all sizes of pen blanks and an accurate centered hole every time.  Being able to finely control the drill feed on the lathe is a big advantage to prevent break out on those delicate pen walls.  Also perfect for squaring up the pen blank ends after gluing in the pen kit tubes.

    These unique jaws are designed especially to hold pen blanks for drilling.  But there’s a lot more to them than that – their solid, heavy duty design means not only will they hold Pen blanks securely, but they are also powerful enough to handle larger and longer spigot work (the ‘Plus’ in Pen Plus!) . These heavy duty jaws secured by two screws for each jaw segment have an internal profile to accept square turning blanks.  With a rock solid grip over 38mm long, these jaws can handle larger squares and rounds with ease and minimal vibration. \

    Square (Contracting) Grip - 10 - 25.4mm.  Length of turnings from jaws up to 230mm
    Round (Contracting ) Grip - From under 11.6 - 19.0mm.  Length of turnings from jaws up to 254mm
    Round (Expanding) Grip:  From 35 - 63mm.  Length of turnings from jaws up to 254mm

    $64.00 (inc GST)

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