Nova Infinity Upgrade Kit

  • Nova Infinity Upgrade Kit TEK-8100

    Nova have been the market leader in chucks since they released the first four jaw chuck back in 1988. The Infinity System design allows customers to upgrade most existing Nova Chucks with the Infinity Quick Change Jaw Slides, to convert their existing Nova Chuck to Quick Change. 

    Simply and easily swap out your existing NOVA chuck jaw slides for the incredible Quick Change Infinity. Delivers very fast accessory jaw changes in under 30 seconds. Spend more time turning, with no more fasteners to lose. Plus, with the addition of the Retro Fit Kit, you can use your favourite existing Nova Chuck Accessory Jaws on the Quick Change System.


    • Quickly and easily converts your existing Nova Chuck into Quick change technology. 
    • Keep your existing Nova Chuck and convert to Quick Change. 
    • Quick Change - Accessory changes in under 30 seconds with no more fasteners to lose.
    • Strong  - the Infinity Jaw Key and Jaw Slides are precision cast and sintered from metal amalgam, 3x the tensile strength of machine grade steel. 
    • Secure - jaw key positively taper locks into the jaw slide with an embedded dovetail design, stronger and more rigid than the original Nova screws and jaws. 
    • Self locking - the Infinity jaws are taper locked in line with the forward rotation of the chuck. Holds tight at higher speeds with with larger turning work. 
    • Auto stop slides - restricts the opening of the chuck jaws beyond their maximum range of travel, ensuring a safer turning experience. 
    $169.00 (inc GST)

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