100mm Scroll Chuck Screw Cup Jaws

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    100mm Scroll Chuck Screw Cup Jaws TSCSJ-100

    Step jaws are used in expansion mode for internal holding within a straight wall.  Normally, these are used holding small items like a box or lid. The serrations grip the work securely (but will not grip it as well as standard dovetailed jaws) with a straight side wall which can be ideal for some projects. Because of the two 12.7mm-high steps this jaw set can provide a massive adjustment range.

    These jaws will also close down so that there is no gap at the apex of all four jaws - so they can also be used for gripping miniscule work. 

    Jaw Travel Expanding - 25 - 102mm
    Jaw Travel Contracting - 3 - 59mm

    Clearance! $20.00 (inc GST)
    RRP: $39.90

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