Woodpeckers T-Track Knuckle Hold Down Workholding Clamp

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    Woodpeckers T-Track Knuckle Hold Down Workholding Clamp KNCLAMP

    Woodpeckers Knuckle Clamps provide versatile gripping with no slipping!

    Woodpeckers is proud to add Knuckle Clamps to a selection of tools that save time while improving safety and precision. To put it simply: If you've got T-track, you need Knuckle Clamps. These hold-downs are certain to become true workhorse tools in your shop.

    Woodpeckers Knuckle Clamp owes its distinctive appearance (and its name) to the seven circular pivot points that provide a wide range of positions for the clamp's locking knob. These multiple lock-in points maximize your clamping capabilities, enabling you to deal with different workpiece thicknesses and shapes.

    Instead of the fixed, radiused ends on a typical T-track Hold Down, the Knuckle Clamp has a pair of flat, pivoting feet that are padded with moulded rubber. This design allows you to apply even, targeted pressure to lock down the workpiece without marring its surface. Moulded from reinforced polycarbonate, these clamps are virtually indestructible.

    These clamps accommodate stock thickness to approximately 50.8mm (2in).

    Please note: although products are metric, the photos may depict imperial versions. 

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