Woodpeckers in-Dexable Double Square - Metric Version

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    Woodpeckers in-Dexable Double Square - Metric Version

    Welcome to the in-DEXABLE Family (in metric!)

    The blades are available in metric 150mm, 300mm and 450mm lengths, all of which fit all four heads, as well as the XL Combination and XL Double Square heads.

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    This product is part of the in-DEXABLE family, and is able to be used in combination with the: Combination Square Head, Protractor Head and Centring Head.

    Woodpeckers built features into the in-DEXABLE Combination Squares that you won’t find in any other combination square. Features like laser-accurate scribing guides, positive indexing at every full inch, a sliding head support and accurate, laser-engraved scales.

    Thoughtful Design and a Systematic Approach

    Two features stand out when you compare Woodpeckers in-DEXABLES with any other combination square. First, you’ll notice the scribing guides laser-cut on 1mm centres. They’re sized and shaped to guide any marking device perfectly parallel to the edge of your stock. To give the scribing guides an accurate starting point, the round holes in the centre of the blade index the heads to the closest full inch.

    The scales are laser-engraved to an accuracy of ±.004in with 1mm graduations and heads that lock every 30mm.

    Double Square Head: Square Inside, Outside, Right or Left

    The Double Square head is a bit more compact than the Combination Square head and more convenient when you know you’re not dealing with mitres. There’s a tab that slides out of the head and supports it flush with the surface of your material. The head is a full inch thick, which gives you a depth of just under 12.7mm, more than enough to reach past most moulded edges.

    Like all Woodpeckers products, the in-DEXABLE Double Squares are precisely machined and carefully inspected in Woodpecker’s Strongsville, Ohio factory (just south of Cleveland).

    Please note: although products are metric, the photos may depict imperial versions. 

    Standard - 150mm Blade
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    XL - 300mm Blade
    $389.90 (inc GST)
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