Axle Pegs - 8.7 x 46mm

  • Axle Pegs - 8.7 x 46mm AP-3000

    This is the largest diameter axle peg - measuring 8.7 x 46mm - and is suitable for the wheels listed below (as shown in the first image). There are two different lengths of this diameter axle peg and this is the shorter of the two (46mm vs. 65mm for the AP-3500).

    TW-2000 51mm Standard Wheel
    TW-2500 63mm Standard Wheel
    TWT-200 51mm Treaded Wheel
    TWT-250 63mm Treaded Wheel

    The installed shaft length is approximately 41.0mm long so to calculate the remaining peg that can be used once passed through the wheels, reduce this length (41mm) by the thickness of the wheel.

    The axle pegs are bought individually and discounts are available for bulk quantities.

    $0.90 (inc GST)

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