Wet Stone Grinder Metal Polish

  • Wet Stone Grinder Metal Polish SWGA-04

    Autosol Metal Polish can be used on the standard flat or profiled leather honing wheel of the Sherwood 10in Wetstone Grinder to polish and create razor-sharp edges on your tools. Autosol Polish can be used in a variety of other stropping/polishing applications in the workshop and not just woodworking tools. For more info about Autosol check out their Australian website

    Why Autosol?

    High quality together with optimal manufacturing processes and many years of experience provide the basis for all Autosol products. The performance of Autosol products is widely recognised by Australian consumers as they are the market leader in metal care products.

    All of your metal care problems like removal of rust, tarnishing, discolouration, tea staining, corrosion and oxidation, Autosol offer a solution for, with its generous product range. Autosol is world renowned for paste products which provide exceptional value for money as they are 10X concentrate compared to liquid equivalents.
    Autosol products have many uses in domestic households, hotels, restaurants, food processing and catering establishments as some are graded by NSF as safe for use around food. Autosol also has products to care for beloved cars, motorbikes and trucks as well. We here at Autosol Australia pride ourselves upon restoring surfaces back to new, so that you will never have to replace them with the right maintenance.
    Use this website to find a solution to your surface care problems, and feel free to ask us through the Contact Us section for further information. Happy Polishing!

    $17.90 (inc GST)

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