Veritas Speed Frame Clamp

  • Veritas Speed Frame Clamp 05-F-0120

    The fastest-adjusting frame clamp on the market. Completely knurled for good grip, the speed-clamping nuts are designed to let you make fast adjustments, yet hold securely when you tighten them.

    They are cross drilled to slide easily on the rods until they come up against a corner clamp; then their threads engage. To release them, you just have to back them off a turn or two and they are then free sliding again.

    The speed clamp includes four corners (strong, glass-filled nylon with brass inserts), four speed-clamping nuts and four 1/4in x 20TPI threaded rods that will clamp up to 584mm square. To increase clamping capacity to 1,115mm square or 1650 x 584mm rectangle, an extension set is available; it includes four 1/4-20 threaded rods and four coupling nuts. The rods and coupling nuts have a black-oxide finish. 


    $83.90 (inc GST)

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