Veritas Mitre Saddle

  • Veritas Mitre Saddle 05-N-5615

    Veritas Mitre Saddle

    Please note: Price is for one saddle only.

    When working on small items such as picture frames, a large combination square or try square can often be cumbersome. Not so with this mitre saddle. The relatively small size makes it easy to use.

    Despite its size, it still has a large reference face (89mm at the wide end) set at 45°. The leg measures 25.4 x 63.5mm. As with the saddle squares, the sides are machined so that a line can be easily and accurately transferred around workpiece corners. With the mitre saddle, however, a right-angle line on one surface is transferred as a 45° angle on the adjoining surface, or vice versa. This way, a line for a mitre cut can be wrapped around all surfaces precisely and will meet perfectly at the corners. The inside corner is relieved to ensure perfect registration, even on saw whiskers.

    Made from anodized aluminum, this marker is light and durable, and will never mark your work.

    $35.90 (inc GST)

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