Veritas Drill Depth Stop Collar Set of 2

  • Veritas Drill Depth Stop Collar Set of 2 86-K-6501

    Stop the press! Veritas' adjustable drill depth stop collar sets are in a league of their own

    It never ceases to amaze us that no matter how small the area of woodworking these Canadians put their mind to, they can still revolutionise it with a twist of the wrist. The best part about these Veritas stoppers, that you just won't find about anything else, is their ease of use.

    Fully adjustable with these clever double-ended design, they fit snugly and move smoothly, which is key considering they boast amazing versatility - ranging all the way up to 12.7mm.


    • Designed with double-ended collets inside threaded sleeves
    • They lock in position with a quick twist.
    • They are handy, versatile stops for the shop or toolbox.
    • Made in USA


    This pair of stops fits all drill bits from 1.5mm to 12.7mm. The smaller one takes bits from 1.5 - 6.4mm, and the larger takes 6.4 - 12.7mm bits.

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