Veritas Brass Bench Dogs & Pups

  • Veritas Brass Bench Dogs & Pups

    Why would you buy a bench dog when you could make your own?

    A bit of dowel anyone? To be honest, there are so many work bench dogs and pups on the market that you could - and should - simply build yourself. For $1 you can build reliable bench dogs that will actually perform a decent job. So then why does one particular brand of bench dog sell so darn well and has done for so many years?

    Because when Veritas do something, they do it better than anyone else. Period.

    Veritas' wide-wedge dogs and pups are made from solid brass rod and can be installed in any bench by drilling a 19mm (3/4in) hole. Brass dogs are non-corroding and kind to your tools. The combined crosshatching and 2° inward slope of the face hold wood securely. The side spring lets the dog slide smoothly, but holds it well at any desired projection. 

    Brass Work Bench Dogs Specifications

    The bench dogs (at 110mm) are standard length. The Bench Pups® (at 60mm) are fine for benches with tops up to 51mm thick and ideal for bench sides; just drill holes in the skirt or the edge of the top. 

     Both work well with the Wonder Clamps.

    Bench Dogs Pack of 2
    $62.90 (inc GST)

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