Veritas Bench Grinder Universal Toolrest

  • Veritas Bench Grinder Universal Toolrest 05-M-2301

    The major weakness of most bench grinders is that the tool rests are virtually useless. It is nearly impossible to find one with a rest that is solid and square.

    The Veritas® Grinder Tool Rest can be used with 6in or 8in utility bench grinders and many belt sanders/grinders. It mounts directly to the bench in front of the grinder and can be readily folded out of the way for freehand grinding.

    The 102mm wide table straddles wheels up to 25mm wide. It is grooved for sliding jigs and center drilled for rotating jigs. The slotted arms allow a wide range of angular and height adjustments. Spring-loaded gyratory handles lock it solidly in position and can be rotated out of the way after locking. You can easily move it from one grinder to another or quickly remove it from the bench.

    Accurately machined, anodized aluminum construction. Included is an angle-setting gauge to set the table to the common bevel angles of 20°, 25°, 30° and 35°.

    The straight and skew grinding jigs shown in the above image are available to purchase separately.

    Bench Grinder Straight Grinding Jig

    Bench Grinder Skew Grinding Jig

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