Veritas Abrasive Lapping Grit Kit

  • Veritas Abrasive Lapping Grit Kit 05-M-0101

    Silicon carbide is ideal for flattening oil and water stones or lapping plane bottoms and blades. Just sprinkle the grit on a piece of glass or a steel lapping plate, add a shot of oil or water (as required), and lap the item flat. This fast and easy process lets you keep all of your stones dead flat.

    90x is used for most applications, while the finer grits are used to put a silky finish on plane bottoms or blades. Grits are available as a set of five 2 oz containers of 90x, 180x, 280x, 400x and 600x and instructions. 

    Using PSA-backed plastic laminate sheets on glass speeds up the process, but is not mandatory. 

    $57.90 (inc GST)

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