Ultimate Router Base System

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    Ultimate Router Base System

    The Ultimate Router Base

    Designed by a woodworker for woodworkers, The Ultimate Router Base turns your router into the ultimate tool in your workshop.

    Three Ultimate Advantages

    The Ultimate Router Base increases the surface area to your router base. This increased surface area results in greater stability allowing more precise and safer routing.

    The Ultimate Router Base is an optimally sized, extended router base system. This means you can now rout complex shapes, circles, curves and inlays quickly and accurately - saving you time and minimising the chance of error.

    And the Ultimate Router Base’s oversized template guides allows you to produce perfectly matched curved joinery and inlays. Any enthusiast or professional who wants to add new creative dimensions to their work can do so easily and safely.


    The Ultimate Router Base is the only router base your workshop will ever need.


    A Complete Router Base Plate System

    The Ultimate Router Base has three parts that may be purchased separately or as a complete kit.


    • The Ultimate Router Base Plate only
    • Template Guide Accessory Pack
    • 1 ½ inch Template Guide Bushing
    • The Ultimate Router Base System Kit - includes Base Plate and Accessory Pack


    *Please note – the Template Guide Accessory Pack includes 1 x 1 ½ inch Template Guide Bushing


    Ultimate Router Base Plate Only


    The heart of the Ultimate Router Base is the actual base plate itself. Made from high grade anodised aluminium, the Ultimate Router Base plate is strong, lightweight and does not flex. The base plate is marked up in both metric and imperial measurements that are easy to read.


    ​The extra-large, optimally-sized offset extended router base measures 451mm (17-3/4”) long, 220mm (8-5/8”) wide and 8mm (5/16”) thick. Included with the Router Base Plate are:


    • 1 x removable centre disk
    • 1 x hand knob and fixing screw
    • 2 x fixing knobs with bolts
    • 2 x Guide Pin bushings with bolts and Allen keys
    • Reference Guide Pamphlet


    Removable Centre Disk. Large removable centre disk maintains safe and stable cutting when using large-or small diameter router bits.  


    Fence and Centre Slots. Your base plate features machined Fence and Centre slots for quick and easy custom add-ons like adjustable fences, or use for circle, large radius and oval cutting.  


    Imperial and Metric Rule Slots. Allows for easy adjustments when using fences or making circle cuts and arc swing arms.


    Guide Pins. Allows you to create self-centring registration for mortise or slot cuts. When installed in the two fence slots, curved radius edges can be profiled while maintaining an even, yet adjustable distance.


    Two Registration Edges. These have a 1.6mm (1/16”) difference to the spindle centre. No need to move and reset a guide fence for a rough, then fine cut.


    Predrilled to mount a broad range of routers. For your convenience the various mounting configurations are listed A to G on the base plate. Simply refer to the included Reference Guide to see which configuration suits your router.


    Extra Mounting Holes. Allows for versatile setups and quick custom jigs used in horizontal cutting, router tables, adjustable bevel cuts for door edges and more.


    PC Template Guide. Machined to a high standard, the Ultimate Router Base is the only offset router base that accepts any standard PC 30.16mm (1-3/16”) template guide.



    Ultimate Router Base – Template Guide Accessory Pack


    If you wish to make your own router base plate, then check out the Template Guide Accessory Pack.

    Your Accessory Pack includes:


    • 1 x Super-Sized Outside Diameter (OD) Removable Template Guide Bushing Set
    • 1 x Parallel Drawing Disk
    • 1 x centring Pin
    • Allen Key


    Super-Sized Bushing Set. Your set includes 25.4mm (1") O.D. template guide with extra-large 38.1mm (1-1/2”) and 50.8mm (2") removable bushings, to offset a 12.7mm (½”) router bit to either side of cutting seam, much like smaller inlay bushing kits. These are supersized for larger work like tables and desktops. 

    Drawing Disk. Your 12.7mm (½”) parallel drawing disk draws perfectly parallel 12.7mm (½”) offset lines from the cutting edge. This aids in precise layout and lets you accurately pre-cut excess material.  This disk also fits into the provided bushings and the set allows you to draw offset parallel lines at 12.7mm (½”), 19.05mm (¾”) and 25.4mm (1”) from a template edge.

    Centring Pin. Your centring Pin and flat bottom counter sunk mounting holes with over-sized bore lets you align any router to the Ultimate Router Base, perfectly. 

    Ultimate Router Base – Template Bushing Guide

    If you already have a good set of template guides, then check out Template Bushing Guide. The Ultimate Router Base 38.1mm (1 ½”) OD Bushing fits onto any standard 25.4mm (1.0”) OD template guide. When used with a template and 12.7mm (1/2”) router bit, the bit can be exactly positioned to either side of a cutting seam to create a perfectly matched seam. Best used for curved joinery on hardwood table edges.

    • Machined to high tolerances: our system is made by the same manufacturer, all components fit perfectly, with no slop or wiggle.  
    • Universal mounting holes at the perimeter of the plate let you make a quick attachment to another surface when creating a temporary router table, or when adding leveling skids or a shim sheet.  

    Ultimate Router Base System Kit

    If you want to get serious about routing and take full advantage of all the Ultimate Router Base features, then check out the Ultimate Router Base System Kit. This kit includes both the Base Plate and the Template Guide Accessory Pack, everything you need to make circles, inlays and complete offset routing.

    *Please note – the Template Guide Accessory Pack includes 1 x 1 ½ inch Template Guide Bushing

    What Routers Fit the Ultimate Router Base?

    Routers that fit include:

    • DeWalt 616,618
    • Hitachi KM12VC
    • Makita 1100,1101
    • Milwaukee 5615-5624
    • Triton MOF001, TRA001
    • DeWalt DW621, DW611 plunge
    • Festool OF1400 EQ
    • Festool OF 2200 EB
    • Hitachi M12VE


    The Ultimate Router Base is made from anodised aluminium so maybe be customised to accept any router base configuration.

    Ultimate Router Base System Kit
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    Ultimate Router Base ? Base Only
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    RRP: $239.00
    Template Guide Accessory Pack
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    RRP: $54.90
    Template Bushing Guide
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    RRP: $18.90

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