Torquata Traditional Hand Screw Clamps

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    Torquata Traditional Hand Screw Clamps HSC-10

    Torquata's traditional wooden hand screw clamps are timeless and handy

    Available individually in one size - 150mm Opening - 125mm Throat

    The key to a wooden hand clamp is the ability to offset and angle the jaws to avoid the parts from shifting. The solid steel clamping elements will hold your workpiece securely in place, allowing you to clamp on tight angles and achieve greater versatility in the angles you take on.

    These wooden hand screw clamps adopt that beautiful, classic design that lets you offset and/or angle the jaws however you need to keep parts from shifting. All feature solid steel clamping elements and hardwood jaws and handles, so you know that they're at the premium end of the traditional clamping market and will last for generations.

    As a West Australian brand famed for their clamping specialty, we can sell these clamps at an incredibly cost-effective price, so you can own beautiful, timeless clamping technology at the fraction of the price.

    Why are wooden hand clamps so good?

    Ignoring the gorgeous aesthetics, the obvious nostalgia, the reliability and the brilliant design, many professional woodworkers still prefer these Torquata wooden hand screw clamps over contemporary clamps with all the bells and whistles due to how easily you can achieve variable angles. It was the intention in the clamp's original design, which allows you to perform complicated glue-ups without any of the fidgeting and repositioning.

    The right-angle jaw can clamp at virtually any angle and unlike many clamps, covers the entire space. This gives you a surprising amount of power and force from such a simple design.

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