Torquata T-Track Fixed Stop

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    Torquata T-Track Fixed Stop TTSTOP-9

    Torquata T-Track Fixed Stop

    Upgrade your T-slotted fence with this fixed stop from Torquata. Originally a part of the Sherwood Mitre Saw Fence Kit, this is now available for individual sale. 

    Perfect for fast repeatable cuts. This stop trades away flip stop capabilities for a more rigid and accurate fixed position. Slots into any standard T-slot track. This allows you to add a fixed stop to everything from drill press fences to crosscut sleds.

    Solid mount means no chance of flex for a more accurate cut

    Ready to be installed on any T-track

    Made from strong aluminum

    Slides easily to make small adjustments


    Weight 231g
    Flip Bar Size (H x D x W) 85 x 80 x 38mm
    Qty 1x fixed stop


    $34.90 (inc GST)

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