Torquata Patternmakers Vice - In-Bench

  • Torquata Patternmakers Vice - In-Bench PMV-1301

    Patternmakers' Vice, Luthiers' Vise, Guitar Markers Vice; Whatever you want to call them. This vice from Torquata will not let you down.

    This versatile Pattern Makers Vice is also known as a Luthiers Vice or Guitar Maker's Vice, but they are equally suited to all manner of woodwork. The major benefit of this vise over traditional units is its ability to hold irregularly shaped or tapered objects. This is facilitated through its rotating jaws.

    Copied from the famous Emmert Pattern Maker's vise, this is the most versatile stock control device you've ever imagined. First, of course, it's a large, heavy, and powerful cast iron bench vise. The patternmaker vise's unique mounting system makes it far more than that. Unlock a lever and the vise rotates 180° to reveal a pair of carver's jaws just 50mm (2") wide, which stand 54mm above the flat jaws to hold small or oddly shaped objects above bench level. Rotate the vise just 90° and you have open vertical clamping for working on legs, panels, and other tall pieces. Loosen another lever, and the entire vise swings upward up to 90°, putting the jaws parallel to the benchtop or at any angle in between. Main jaws are 350mm wide by 127mm deep, with a maximum working opening of 355mm.

    In any configuration, a crank on the front jaw can vary its alignment by up to 5° left or right, perfect for holding tapered legs or other stock. 

    Vise includes complete mounting and operation instructions and 4 dogs.

    • Main Jaw: 350mm x 127mm 
    • Small Jaw:50mm x 53.8mm 
    • Auxilliary Jaw size: 146mm x 127mm 
    • Jaw travel: 355mm
    • Jaw depth (face to square beam): Main: 53mm, Small: 89mm,
    • Extension dog height (max): 57mm
    • Rotation: 360deg.
    • Jaw pivot range Main: 5
    • Tilt: 0 - 90 deg
    • Weight: 29kg
    $649.00 (inc GST)

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