Torquata Low Profile T Track Flip Stops

  • Torquata Low Profile T Track Flip Stops TTSTOP-3

    Low Profile T Track Flip Stop

    A flip stop designed to perfectly suit the Baladonia t-track and t-track with scale. The stop self-squares in the top of the tracks slot and the 3mm zinc-plated steel flips out of the way when not in use as necessary. When flipped down in the place, the size of the stop measures 12.7mm high x 20mm deep.

    T-Track Stop Flip Fence Steel 5/16in Pk 2

    When used with the standard t-track, clearance under the track is required to square the stop against the edge of the track as it only measures 9.5mm tall. The t-track with scale measures 12.7mm tall so the stop automatically sits flush against the track when flipped down in place.

    The rivet pin holds the stop in place securely and minimizes flex, however it is not perfectly rigid when significant pressure is applied. As long as material is slid with light-medium pressure against the stop, it will maintain its accuracy. 

    For a heavy-duty stop with zero flex, please see TTSTOP-6 Flip Stop

    All alloy, steel and brass construction. Sold as a pack of two.

    $10.00 (inc GST)

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