Torquata Heavy Duty Parallel Clamps 4 Kit

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    Torquata Heavy Duty Parallel Clamps 4 Kit PCHDKIT-1

    These Heavy-Duty Parallel Clamps now come in amazing value kits

    We've spoken at length about the value in a hard-wearing, ultra-reliable parallel clamp. The ease of gluing and overall stability these clamps offer are virtually unmatched among other clamps: Torquata's latest offerings truly match the premium European brands in terms of both their capacity, and their ability to handle the toughest projects.

    For more information on these specific clamps, check out the full description on the Heavy Duty Clamp homepage, here.

    Achieve an entire clamping set-up, all in one kit

    Some woodworkers spend years searching for four parallel clamps to keep each end of their workpiece square during the gluing process. They're one of the most important parts of the job, allowing you to fit out a wide range of projects with ease - at least when they're good quality.

    Torquata's brand new kit removes the searching process and allows you to get all four clamps, plus all the accessories pictured, that you'll need to fit out that project you've been procrastinating, right away.

    2 x 600mm Heavy Duty Parallel Clamp
    2 x 1000mm Heavy Duty Parallel Clamp
    4 x Risers

    Why Torquata Heavy-Duty Parallel Clamps?

    The major advantage these clamps have over other parallel clamps at this price point is the attention to detail in the design. Torquata have prioritised durability first, that's why they have steel-plated jaws, 90-degree refined steel alloy bars that won't bow under pressure and precision-engineered clamping mechanisms, that will work as well after 1000 clamping motions as they do out of the box.

    They're also famed for their clamping force, allowing you to hold workpieces more securely than most cost-effective parallels, that end up looking great but suffering at the hands of professionals expecting a tight-hold under tough workshop conditions.

    Once again, for more info please check out the full range here - Heavy Duty Clamp homepage.

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