Torquata Flat-Top Dado Saw Blades

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    Torquata Flat-Top Dado Saw Blades

    These Dado Blades cut perfect dado joints every time!

    Everyone knows how useful a dado joint can be, but that relies on your equipment as much as your know-how. Torquata Flat Top Dado Saw Blades allow you to make clean crosscuts with perfectly flat bottoms, no matter your experience.

    Originally available with a 6mm kerf - due to popular demand we have now brought a 4mm version out. But that's not where the fun stops - also available is a shim set that you can use in conjunction with both sizes of blade to shim out to create a 10mm dado stack. And if you want to make a 12mm stack - simply purchase two 6mm-kerf blades and use the shim set with them.

    Please ensure you select your desired sizes from the drop down menu.


    SKU Blade Size Arbor Kerf Tooth
    SBFT-2032404-M 203mm 15.9mm 4mm 24T Flat Top
    SBFT-2032406-M 203mm 15.9mm 6mm 24T Flat Top
    SBFT-2032404-M-30 203mm 30mm 4mm 24T Flat Top
    SBFT-2032406-M-30 203mm 30mm 6mm 24T Flat Top

    Why Torquata blades?

    Torquata is to dadoes what lemon and sugar is to pancakes - they're just the perfect mix. Offered in a metric 6.0mm kerf, each blade has 24 flat-top ground carbide teeth with special side clearance for an ultra-smooth finish when cutting hardwood, softwood, laminates and veneered ply.

    You will find a multitude of uses around your workshop for these table saw blades. Use them for cutting tenons, box joints, rabbets and even dadoes on your table saw. But unlike dedicated dado saw blades, they will not leave even the slightest "bat ears" on your wood as they cut a perfectly flat bottom. They are ideal for cutting tenons on your table saw with a tenoning jig, just take one pass with the blade and you're done.

    The blade is only supplied with 15.9mm (5/8in) bores because, due to the thickness of the body plate, cannot be bushed like conventional blades. 

    Thick Kerf Flat Top saw blades make perfect: 

    • Box Joints
    • Rabbets
    • Tenons
    • Flat Bottom Crosscuts
    • Precision Cutoffs
    • Ripping
    • Crosscutting


    203x16mm - 4mm Kerf
    $129.90 (inc GST)
    203x16mm - 6mm Kerf
    $129.00 (inc GST)
    203x30mm - 4.0mm Kerf
    $129.00 (inc GST)
    203x30mm - 6.0mm Kerf
    $129.00 (inc GST)
    Two Blade Kit - 203x16mm - 4mm and 6mm Kerf Blades
    $249.00 (inc GST)

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