Torquata Face Moulding Router Bit Profile #4

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    Torquata Face Moulding Router Bit Profile #4 FM-04-BH

    Face Molding and Decorative Molding Router Bits

    Create your own decorative mouldings for architraves, skirtings, picture frames and cover beads with this face moulding cutter. To get a quality cut it is essential to fix the router into a router table and run the timber against a substantial fence - so you can the timber by holding it against the fence using feather-boards. 1/2in shank, Cutter depth = 6.4mm, Cutter length = 34.9mm

    With the timber held securely against the fence and the bit to make the cut this leaves you free to feed the timber steadily - and your hands can safely be a long way from the cutters. Plan to cut the profile in several passes - taking only a small amount off on the last cut to get the best quality.

    1/2in shank face mould bit profile #4

    Product Code Shank Size Cutting Depth Metric Cutting Depth Imp'l Cutting Length Metric Cutting Length Imp'l
    FM-04-BH 1/2in 6.4 1/4in 42.9 1 11/16in


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