Torquata Divided Light Joinery Router Bit Set - Set of 3 - 1/2in shank

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    Torquata Divided Light Joinery Router Bit Set - Set of 3 - 1/2in shank DLRBSET-3-H

    A handy kit for those looking to make divided light doors.

    These three commonly used bits come in a wooden case and are all you need to get started with divided light doors. Stile And Rail often referred to as cope and stick allows you to make strong interlocking frames for panel door construction for cabinets and furniture.

    Unlike some brands, all bits in the set are identical in quality to the individual bits so buying this set represents one of the most cost-effective ways of getting started.

    All bits are made to Torquata's high level of manufacturing. Supplied in a protective wooden box.

    Profile Cutters are a unique and versatile series that can be used for general profile routing, glass doors and windows, as well as stile and rail work. (The panel groove and stub tenon must be cut separately.) The inverted hand cutters will produce copes that nest perfectly into the profiles cut by the matching "regular" bits. In addition, the inverted head allows you to profile edges that are out of the reach of regular profile bits. These 1/2" shank bits will fit most full size routers and router tables. All are equipped with ball bearing guides, either on the tip or on the shank.


    1x Bead Stile Bit

    1x Rebate Bit

    1x Rail Cutter Bit

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