Torquata Circular Saw Blade Kit of Three

  • Torquata Circular Saw Blade Kit of Three

    When cutting it fine is a necessity

    If you need unparalleled precision from your table saw at excellent value, Torquata Fine Cut-Off Circular Saw Blades perform ultra-fine cuts like no other. Each blade is carefully devised to simplify accurate cutting, while virtually eliminating blade vibration. This ensures anyone can produce an impressive finish on those important passion projects; when rough cuts, edges and tear-outs just won’t do.

    Tooth Counts: 24, 40, 80.

    Why Torquata Fine Cut-Off Blades?

    With between 80 and 96 teeth and a 10 degree hook angle, Torquata’s specialised blades are built for excellent quality cuts in even the most brittle timber or ply.

    High teeth count, large carbide tips and engineered expansion slots ensure that Torquata blades are among the quietest and most durable high-precision blades on the market. All Torquata saw blades are also extensively tested on Australian hardwoods like Jarrah and Marri, to ensure customers get a durable product that can handle anything a tough Aussie workshop can throw at them. 


    • Laser cut from high-quality steel.
    • Industrial high silver / copper brazing that is guaranteed to never delaminate.
    • ATB (Alternate Tooth Bevel) blades ensure an ultra-sharp contact point and smooth finish.
    • Hardened steel blade body diminishes vibration and user fatigue.
    • Oversize carbide tips for excellent durability and multiple resharpens.
    • Engineered expansion slots to reduce blade noise.
    • Fishhook slots to reduce denigration and twisting due to heat exposure.


    Tooth Grind 

    Alternate Tooth Bevel (ATB)

    Hook Angle 






    Plate Body


    Which blade is right for me?

    With either 250mm 80 teeth or 300mm 96 teeth models available, Torquata Fine Cut Off blades are optimised for fine cuts on melamine, ply and crosscutting timber with an alternating bevel and small gullet creating an excellent result. 

    Torquata Fine Cut Off blades are designed with fine timbers and showroom-style woodwork in mind, ensuring a smooth finish by eliminating tear-out on the back and face of the wood edges.

    This high-precision nature makes them very versatile, which means they can also be used for excellent finishes on long straight cuts, however they will perform considerably slower than a ripping blade with fewer, steeper angled teeth.

    Working with timber but not sure which blade is the best? 

    Don't think too hard and get this kit of three blades - available in 250mm (10in) and 300mm (12in) diameter - the three blades cover the main operations most common on a table saw when working with solid timber - 

    1. Ripping Blade - perfect for cutting in line with the grain, the aggressive rake and minimal teeth ensures fast feed rates with acceptable edge finish.
    2. General-Purpose Blade - Will provide a smoother finish cutting in line with the grain and will also make simple, quick cuts across the grain.
    3. Fine Cut-Off Blade - designed specifically for super smooth finishing cuts along and across the grain, will also provide a great finish on MDF and veneered MDF boards

    Save up to 10% off RRP!

    Kit of Three 250mm Blades
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    Kit of Three 300mm Blades
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