Torquata Aluminium T Edge Track

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    Torquata Aluminium T Edge Track TTE-4914

    Torquata's famous Aluminium Edge T Track

    A specialty track with the 17.5mm-wide ledge designed to be drilled and screwed to the underside of 18mm board (MDF or ply) so the top of the track is flush with the top of the board board to create a very strong and durable edge t-track. It can also be rebated in for thicker table-tops if necessary. 

    T-Edge Track 914mm 36in Long

    The track is standard width for use with 5/16in hardware but measures a little deeper so threaded bolts have extra clearance for ease-of-use. Also has a standard 5/16in t-track moulded into the front to provide a track that can be used on the vertical axis.

    Can be used in a myriad of applications on benches or as parts of fences. Available in 915mm lengths only.


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