Torquata Aluminium Mitre Tracks & Bars

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    Torquata Aluminium Mitre Tracks & Bars

    Aluminium Miter Tracks with Bars with an anodized finish

    If you want to make your own table-top and need a 3/4in mitre track, you can buy the aluminium extrusion separately with a silver anodized finish in 1220mm lengths. The profile measures 30.5 x 12.7mm with ribbed sides to ensure a tight fit and improved gluing surface area. It can accept t-slot as well as standard 3/4x3/8in (19.0 x 9.5mm) mitre bars. 

    Mitre Track 1220mm 48in Long Aluminium

    Also available is 457mm (18in) long silver anodized mitre slider for making your own jigs to suit all standard 3/4x3/8in mitre slots, including most cast-iron table saws. It has three mounting holes along the length of the bar to adapt for most jigs easily.

    It also has four nylon screws in the side of the bar that can be used to expand the overall width of the bar and remove any side play in incorrectly machined mitre slots as well as reducing friction.

    Manual Handling Surcharge (Overlength Item)

    Any item that measures over 1.2m once packaged cannot be sent through automatic freight sortation machines and must be handled manually by freight companies. There is a surcharge of $12.00 charged by the freight company to manually handle this freight. Timbecon passes this charge on at cost. If you choose Pickup or Click N Collect then there is no extra charge on your order for handling these over length items to prepare your order.

    3/4in Mitre Track 1220mm Long (Manual Handling Surcharge Applies)
    $45.90 (inc GST)
    3/4in Mitre Bar 457mm Long
    $24.90 (inc GST)
    3/4in Mitre Bar 610mm Long
    $29.90 (inc GST)

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