Torquata All Steel Quick Action Clamp - Wooden Handle

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    Torquata All Steel Quick Action Clamp - Wooden Handle

    Every workshop needs a trusty reliable set of quick action clamps that are there when you need them. 

    These all steel framed quick action f-style clamps are the perfect addition to the workshop. Finished with a wooden handle these clamps provide plenty of clamping pressure for you should you need to simply hold two pieces of wood together or really crank down on a lamination. 

    These clamps are really well built. You just know quality when you feel it. The second you pick these up and feel the weight of them, you will know what we mean.


    • Wooden handle for comfortable use.
    • I-beam bar reduces flex and bow.
    • Precision cast iron heads allowing for high clamping pressure.
    • Heavy-duty bar providing maximum durability.
    Model Throat Clamping Capacity
    QSA-100200 100mm 200mm
    QSA-100300 100mm 300mm
    QSA-120300 120mm 300mm
    QSA0120400 120mm 400mm


    300x120mm Wooden Handle Each
    $22.00 Clearance! (inc GST)
    RRP: $41.90
    400x120mm Wooden Handle Each
    $25.00 Clearance! (inc GST)
    RRP: $44.90

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