Torquata 15 F-Clamp & Rack Kit

  • Torquata 15 F-Clamp & Rack Kit CLRK-15-K-1

    You can never have enough clamps. But where do you put them all?

    This set of clamps and a rack is basically a workshop in a box. Stop looking enviously at YouTube woodworkers with their array of clamps all neatly on the wall. Join them in clamp nirvana.

    So why a rack? For so many woodworkers these clamps are strewn all over the workshop, can't be found when you need them, or are just a trip hazard waiting to happen. With these Torquata Clamp Racks, you can neatly get all your clamps up off the ground and onto the wall. Never again be halfway through a glue up and be looking for that missing clamp that is somewhere in the workshop. It will be on the rack. Plus let's all be honest, why own all those clamps if you can't show them off neatly on the wall. Let's get your workshop Instagram ready.

    The rack has been designed to hold 15 F-Clamps however. It is easily affixed to the wall using four screws and is more than strong enough to hold the weight. 

    This kit includes:

    5x Torquata Clamp Quick Action Clutched 200x60mm F-Clamps

    5x Torquata Quick Action 300x80mm F-Clamps

    3x Torquata Quick Action 400x120mm F-Clamps

    1x Torquata F-Clamp Rack to hold 15 F-clamps


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    About Toquata Quick Action Clutched Clamps

    Torquata's quick-release F-clamps featuring a clutch lock system allowing for easy release and increased usability. The I-beam bar has small ridges that keep the clutch locked in place maintaining a high clamping pressure and reduced flex. The toothed brake gives you even better hold, allowing you extreme pressure and rigidity - what so many clamps on the market at this price point sorely lack.

    We're very confident in the quality of Torquata, a West Australian brand that have been clamping specialists for decades now and are becoming the Australian standard in industrial clamps.


    • Clutch lock system allowing for easy release.
    • I-beam bar reduces flex and bow.
    • Precision cast iron heads allowing for high clamping pressure.
    • Heavy-duty bar providing maximum durability.

    About Torquata Quick Action Clamps

    F-clamps vary wildly in price and quality. While we can source and sell clamps that are worth half as much, these clamps come from a specialist clamp manufacturer that produces for the major global clamp brands. Taking one look at them its easy to work out who they are made for, however buying in the major brand names can cost twice as much or more. 

    Unlike the generic clamps you find in a similar price range, Torquata are a West Australian brand that are all heavily tested and manufactured specified to Australian conditions. As a result, they'll easily handle loads and clamping forces that you would never risk a generic on, whether it's lifting beams or even higher-duty requirements. The clamping and winding mechanisms, the strength of the sidebars, every part of these clamps is manufactured to last a lifetime.

    So what makes Torquata clamps so great? 

    • Soft grip handle is larger and more ergonomic, providing higher clamping pressure for less effort 
    • I-beam bar reduces flexing and bowing
    • Zinc-plated drawn bar and rolled steel screw for long service life
    • Malleable cast-iron heads will not crack under pressure
    • Precision cast heads ensures significantly improved parallelism between the posts
    • Smaller 80mm throat and lighter bar for better handling
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