Torquata 100mm Scroll Chuck Power Grip Jaws

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    Torquata 100mm Scroll Chuck Power Grip Jaws TSCPG-100

    To see how these jaws can work for you, be sure to watch the video above...

    PowerGrip Jaws are designed to expand the range and capacity of your Torquata Chuck for specific projects and applications. It’s the most powerful jaw available in the Torquata range for large spigot/hollow form turning - a great multipurpose jaw for bowl and hollow form turners.

    With a massive 35mm depth and a special serrated tooth form, it grips firmly in the contraction mode, providing high tear out strength. In expansion mode, a special dovetail profile is designed for maximum strength and holding without crushing wood fibres.

    Jaw Travel Contracting 75 – 101mm
    Jaw Travel Expanding 93 – 125mm

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