Tool Plus Pro Automatic Sensor

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    Tool Plus Pro Automatic Sensor TPNA

    iVAC Pro Tool Plus: Automatically activate your workshop dust extraction

    The iVAC Pro Tool Plus is a sensor that automatically detects when your power tool is turned on by sensing the electrical field around the tool's power cord. When the power tool is turned on, the presence of that field is detected by the sensor and a wireless signal is sent to the iVAC Pro Switch to turn on the dust collector. Similarly, when the tool is turned off, the sensor detects the absence of the electrical field and signals the iVAC Pro Switch to turn off the dust collector.

    Because the iVAC Pro Tool Plus Automatic Sensor is fixed to the tool’s power cord, there’s no need to accommodate different types of electrical circuits or power requirements, as is often the case with workshop power tools.

    Tool Plus Pro Automatic Sensor Features

    • 12 metre long range is amazing in any workshop, even really crowded, large areas
    • Already fixed to the tool's power cord! So easy to install
    • Extremely well built, tough and reliable
    • Just set it on one of your eight channels and it can support 32 Tool Plusses!

    What's so good about the Dust Extraction Control System Tool Plus Pro Machine Activator?

    Massive name, tiny unit, incredible results.

    Let's start with the installation, it is completely effortless. The iVAC Pro Tool Plus Automatic Sensor is attached to the electrical cord of the power tool using the supplied clamp, and the unit is powered by an AC adaptor, which is also included.

    Just like the iVac Pro Switch, the Tool Plus can be set on one of eight channels in a system and one of four different band systems - allowing for use in a system of up to 32 Tool Plusses. When set to the same channel as an Automated Blast Gate  in the system it will also signal for the Blast Gate to open and close as required. 

    The range for radio communications between the Tool Plus and the iVAC Pro Switch is 12m.


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