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Yes the rumours are true - Timbecon LIVE is back.

Join the team Thursday July 21 from 6.00pm AEST via the Timbeon YouTube channel and check out Australia’s only LIVE streamed woodworking show!

Hosted by John Madden, our guests include Patrick Holcombe, Phil Schinbein and special guest The New Red - Amy Hay.

Join us for a little fun on Timbecon LIVE.

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What's on the show

Timbecon LIVE promises an interesting and entertaining line up of woodworking related topics. Click on the line-up below to find out more about what each of our guests will be covering on the show...


Introducing Amy Hay – The New Red

Are you contemplating quitting your soul-destroying job to chase your dreams? Then you need to meet Amy Hay.

Amy Hay is an emerging furniture designer, woodworking tutor, Instagramer and mental health advocate who specialises in converting existing wooden furniture into colourful contemporary masterpieces.

Back in the summer of 2019, Amy made a snap decision to quit her soul-destroying job to pursue her dreams. With no job and no income Amy managed to go on and create The New Red – a custom furniture shop and personal-development business.

When starting out Amy thought she would be lucky to last six months, today The New Red has grown way beyond Amy’s wildest dreams. If you are contemplating a life change, then come and meet Amy and hear her story.

During the chat, Amy will demonstrate one of her simpler yet favourite furniture conversions – turning the material from an existing drawer into a gorgeous decorative panel. During the demonstration Amy will:

  • Demonstrate how to find good wood in old furniture
  • How make a hexagon shadow box from an old drawer including
  • Demonstrate a simple tape glue technique for all shapes
  • Working out how to cut all the angles

Can John build a Les Paul Junior?

In the back on most woodworkers’ minds festers the dream of building a guitar. John has decided to test his long-neglected skills and build a Les Paul Junior.

John is building a Les Paul Junior from drawings he bought online from Luthier Supplies. So far, he has managed to make body templates and the cut out the body ready to start work on the neck. Will John actually finish this project before being distracted by another? Who knows!

In this session John demonstrate and discuss how he transferred the drawings onto a sheet of MDF and cut out the body templates. This demonstration will include:

  • Reading technical drawings
  • How to copy drawings into a transferable form
  • Cutting out the MDF template
  • Shaping the template using hand tools

Talking about Marking Knives

Are you still using a pencil to mark out? Forget that! If you want a precise line, then you need to use a marking knife.

A good marking knife is at the heart of every woodworker’s practice. And they come in many forms from the humble disposable box knife through to a hand forged Kiridashi knife from Japan. They all have their merits, yet is there one knife to bind them all?

In this session each of our guests will bring along one or two of their favourite marking knives to show and tell. Join us for a group discussion that covers:

  • The styles of marking knives available
  • What knife for what job
  • Good knife yarns
  • And basic sharpening

Patrick reviews the Micro Jig FITFINDER

At long last the Micro Jig FITFINDER has arrived in Australia! Does it live up to the hype?

Sometimes there is simply a better and quicker way! Find 1/2 the thickness of your material in seconds. The FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge allows you to find the 1/2 thickness of any material up to 3" (76.2mm) thick. Create perfectly fitting joints with zero guesswork, set fences and transfer cutting depths instantly—all with no math or measuring!

Now that’s the official copy, but what’s this new Micro Jig FITFINDER really about? Is it just another gadget? Is it worth the price? Does the FITFINDER actually make woodworking better and quicker?

Join us on Timbecon LIVE where Patrick Holcombe will take Micro Jigs FITFINDER through its paces live to find out whether it lives up to the hype. Special one-time only pricing will be available exclusively to viewers of the show. Don’t miss this special opportunity.

What’s in Phil’s Box

How good is Phil under pressure? Find out during our new segment What’s in Phil’s Box!

It’s a simple formula but a good one. Phil is presented with an unknown product concealed in “Phil’s Mystery Box”.

Phil has 2 minutes to think about it and ask a few questions. Then he has 3 more minutes to explain its purpose and complete a demonstration with the materials provided. If he fails, expect a paddling!

Will Phil fail? Tune in to find out.

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