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    Timbecon 2018 Catalogue CAT-2018

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    Please note: Because it's a year old now, some of the prices listed in the catalogue may now be out of date and some products may be discontinued (plus there's so many more new ones on our website!)

    The 2018 Timbecon Catalogue has increased in size since 2017; the 2018 Edition is now 200 pages long with some of Australia's favourite woodworking brands included - such as the full range of Torquata and CMT Orange Router Bits, Sherwood and SawStop machinery plus clamping brands such as Bessey and Armor Tool. Of course all the other popular product categories such as Measuring & Marking, Planing, Drilling, Joinery, Sharpening and Woodturning are expanded as well, getting ever closer to delivering you Everything To Get Wood Working.

    The catalogue is available for pick-up in the Melbourne and Perth stores for free and you will also have the option to request its inclusion free-of-charge with your online order on the View Cart screen. 

    You can now click here to download a PDF version for free.

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