The Wood Knight's Crosscut Sled

  • The Wood Knight's Crosscut Sled

    Everything to build your own Crosscut Sled

    Paul is a regular customer of ours and was talking about making this crosscut sled. He had a list of parts for it he needed to make it and we thought 'Why not offer it as a kit for people who watch the video and want to duplicate it?'

    He loved the idea! So check out the video above and if you want to get the components in a one-click order kit then please see more info on them below.

    A crosscut sled is one of the most vital jigs that you can build for any table saw. Don’t kid yourself though, this particular sled is not just a one trick jig - you’ll be able to use a dado stack, different blades, or angled cuts while not losing the desirable zero-clearance for tear out free cuts.

    Throw in some auxiliary fences and you can do compound cuts or set it up like a Wedgie sled for segmented turning.This document has an accompanying video, so head over to The Wood Knight on YouTube if the instructions are unclear.

    Kit 1 Includes - 

    • 2x TT-11220 t-track
    • 1x TTHDC-1 small hold down
    • 1x TTB-63 T-Track bolts 63mm long
    • 4x TTK-05 5 point knobs
    • 1x IMR-1 Incra metric rack set

    Kit 2 Includes The Above, but adds - 

    • 2x AMB-118 mitre bars
    • 1x TTHDC-2 large hold down

    Instruction Download

    Kit 1
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    Kit 2
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