Tennon Handsaws

  • Tennon Handsaws

    Weighing just under 700g with a 406mm blade, these are the largest saws in the Veritas line. Available in a 9tpi rip or 12tpi crosscut pattern, the blades are made from 0.61mm thick high-carbon steel with 0.08mm of set per side and a cut depth of nearly 102mm. 

    The ripping saw teeth have a 14° rake angle; teeth on the crosscut saw have a 15° rake and have been filed with alternating 15° bevels so they sever wood fibres rather than tear them. 

    Each saw is well balanced, with a spine molded from a mixture of stainless-steel powder for weight, glass fiber for stiffness and a polymer resin binder. The closed handle is configured for exceptional control for a saw of this size and weight, with a bubinga grip secured by a stainless-steel bolt and brass nut. 

    The blade and handle-mounting bolt are molded into the spine, creating a solid blade/spine/mount assembly.

    9TPI Rip Pattern Tennon Saw
    $251.00 (inc GST)
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    12TPI Crosscut Tennon Saw
    $251.00 (inc GST)
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