Taper Gauge

  • Taper Gauge 05-N-3803

    A tapered gauge effectively stretches any scale for accurate reading. These stretch the standard scale by a factor of seven. When a thickness difference of 0.2mm is stretched over 22mm of the scale, small differences in thickness can easily be measured with fine accuracy.

    The aluminum gauges can be used many ways – for setting fences, router bits and drill-press stops, as well as measuring gaps when you repair work.

    The hard anodized surface is scratch resistant, yet easy to write on with a pencil. In most uses accurate to ±0.002", the gauges are guaranteed to have no greater error than 0.127mm in any measurement.

    Available in metric scale of 0.2mm graduations. The fine tip is 0.8mm thick and measures up to 28.6mm thickness. Hard-shell case is included.

    $83.90 (inc GST)

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