Tail Vice & Mount

  • Tail Vice & Mount TBTSL-1

    Tail vice screws are commonly available in Australia but lack the extra mounting brackets to prevent sagging over time when just the screw is installed. This vice and mount kit beefs up the installation and prevents sagging once installed. The 4.75mm steel mount plate is mounted to the side of the bench with the vice screw knuckle installed. The 2x 10mm reinforcing steel plates are then installed in the vice jaw cavity along with the screw. When the vice screw is wound, the reinforcing steel plates slide along the mount plate and because of the weight of the material will prevent the vice sagging down over time.

    The vice screw itself is 29.5mm bright steel bar with a deepcut thread for positive clamping pressure and has a maximum travel of 330mm. Great for clamping wide or long work pieces with an open end holding it in place while working on it. 

    Also available is the economical Tail Vice Screw Only.


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